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Get back in touch with your natural




Welcome to our luxurious temple of well-being, where mind and body are regenerated and the most authentic emotions are rediscovered.

We use ingredients of natural and local origin, such as pure essential and vegetable oils and Mediterranean essences. We have chosen the Italian beauty brand INSÌUM to be our partner: INSÌUM is committed to providing clean, vegan, and cruelty-free formulas, using scientifically advanced bio-technological and high-tech principles.

We offer a wide range of face and body treatments, massages, rituals drawn from different traditions, and programmes dedicated to stress reduction, sleep, longevity, detoxing, and slimming.

Yoga & meditation

Experience harmony between mind and body with our twice-weekly yoga classes for small groups. Let yourself be guided by expert teachers in a practice that will help you find balance and serenity. Immerse yourself in deep meditation with the sound bath, a unique experience in which sounds and vibrations will lead you to a state of deep relaxation and regeneration. Explore a regenerative course of treatment in the suggestive bioenergetic pine forest, where you can connect with nature and rediscover your balance.

No Gravity

Streamline yoga helps relieve back pain through spinal decompression and strength building in the upper body. Indeed, inversions with
a hammock not only improve circulation throughout the body, but activate nerve receptors that allow you to react better to stimuli and to the external environment.

Bioenergetic pine forest

The bioenergetic pine forest offers a regenerating refuge surrounded by nature, a place in which to breathe the vital energy of trees and connect with the power of the earth. Walking among the centuries-old trees and listening to the sound of the wind in the branches is an experience that regenerates the body, mind and spirit.



Elevate your spirit through silence and deep listening to yourself. Make intentional time for experiences that allow your spirit to express itself. Feeding the soul is as important as feeding the body.

That’s why we make sure to provide a range of stimulating and carefully selected experiences to keep you positively engaged during your retreat at Is Arenas Resort.

Every moment is a regenerating caress for the soul